Is it worth adding collagen to coffee?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, but we’ve known this for a long time. Taking collagen supplements, on the other hand, is a newer business and there is still a lot of information to be sifted through. One of them is adding collagen to coffee or any hot drink. Some believe that … Read more

Mediterranean sends SOS – Experts warn of risk of water shortage

The scientific community is sounding the alarm about the conditions lack of water and drought Mediterrian sea. The continuous increase in temperature and decrease in precipitation are the main reason for the concern of scientists about the availability of water resources. “We will adapt to the temperature. Where we can’t adapt is water” Areas that … Read more

Severe or severe weather is expected along the Illinois-Wisconsin border – NBC Chicago

Thursday morning started out bright and sunny for most parts, but storms and showers were on the way, the NBC 5 Storm Team said, along with the possibility of severe weather. According to NBC 5 meteorologist Alicia Roman, clouds were expected to increase in the afternoon. A few scattered thunderstorms are expected in some places … Read more

5 Health benefits

THE to keep fast Fasting is a period of seven weeks starting Green Monday and ends with Holy week. Allowed during this period consumption vegetables, fruits, legumes rich in vitamins (A, C, E), folic acid, trace elements, antioxidants and fiber. For this reason, scientists say that it can be a protective shield against cardiovascular diseases … Read more

The unknown is known for its many health benefits

Where the “modest” heroes of spring help Succulent, fragrant, and a vibrant deep yellow or orange color, loquats are in full bloom from late April to mid-June. This is the time when we find them abundantly in the local market, grocery stores, yards and sidewalks, even in Athens! But what we don’t know is that, … Read more

Krinio Nikolaou: Rocket Musician

The performer and composer Krinio Nikolaou was born in Athens and has two brothers. He studied music, plays piano and guitar. Ms. Nikolaou, when did your love for Music in general and Singing in particular begin? “From a very young age, at the insistence of my father, who enrolled me at the Athens Conservatory at … Read more

Mendoni: School of Stone and Traditional Building Forms established

Lina Mendoni, Minister of Culture, attended an event on Saturday in the community of Pentalofos, Kozani, regarding the establishment of the “School of Stone and Traditional Building Forms”. The art of Zoupani in the artisan villages of the Municipality of Voios refers to the living collective memory, songs, stories, narratives and cultural events of the … Read more