Ilias Karellas: “Argonautics Expedition” in the Palace Garden

His new work “Argonautic Expedition” is presented by figure skater Ilyas Karellas in the Palace Garden.

Ilias Karellas has developed a brand new show and is heading to the Concert Hall Garden this summer to meet shadow theater fans young and old. The lovable figure skater invites the audience to travel with him to the magical world of Greek mythology “Argonautics Expedition”his new work was presented in the outdoor shadow theater of the Athens Concert Hall June 18, 19, 26 and 27, as well as July 2 and 3.

Argo, the legendary ship of the Argonauts, departs from the Palace Garden for mythical adventures. Along with Iason, Karagiozis will meet the provocative singer Giortzia Kefala as Medea to travel to distant Colchis with the melodious company of the seven-piece band Hasta Brassta.

With huge figures and lots of music, the summer adventure of shadows emphasizes the importance of cooperation and the need to realize one’s goals, while reminding us that even a difficult challenge like Karagiozis can be met with humor. !

A show for children from 4 to 104 years old in the most beautiful garden of Athens!


Shadow Theater Translation | Ilyas Karellas

Medea | Kefala, Georgia

Live music on stage Ill. Brassa

Ilya Samsonov saxophone

Konstantinos Saivanidis | trumpet

Theodosis-Angelos Smyrnios | trumpet

Stelios Michas-English | trombone

Yannis Kanakaris | trombone

Konstantinos Aslanidis | tuba

Konstantinos Gondikakis | drum

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