EE: Nature restoration law passed despite backlash

Despite the delay of months due to the reactions of some governments and member countries EU on Monday gave the final green light to the Ecosystem Restoration Regulation, the first environmental law passed since the European elections. The new regulation, one of the EU’s most important environmental policies, requires member states to restore a fifth … Read more

Copernicus: A new wave of African dust will “suffocate” the country

New episode African dust According to Copernicus, it is expected to “cover” much of the country, which, combined with extremely high temperatures, will create a stifling atmosphere. The “invasion” of African dust will peak on Thursday and Friday (13-14/6) with increased concentrations of coarse particles, PM10. Forecasts indicate an episode of Saharan dust transport crossing … Read more

Algae: How they can play a crucial role in saving the planet

The Seaweed they are not silk ribbons, but they can become something better: a solution climate. This is according to a study by investors Craig Douglas, European climate tech VC, World Fund and partner and investment director Catapult VC Ross Brooks, arguing that algae present a huge opportunity by replacing fossil fuels and capturing technology … Read more

Thailand: 1,000 animals died in a fire at a famous Bangkok market

during which about 1000 animals were killed fire At Bangkok’s famous Chatuchak flea market Thailand Which destroyed about 100 shops early this morning. In the pet section of the market, birds, dogs, cats and snakes were burned to death in their cages. According to officials, the fire started from a short circuit and took about … Read more

Ukraine: Three times Greece’s annual CO2 emissions since the war

Direct or indirect invasion of Russia Ukraine It will cause 175 million tons of emissions carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, estimates a new report that confirms the war’s severe environmental damage. The study was carried out by the Ministry of Environment of Ukraine together with non-governmental organizations. Although his estimates are not entirely reliable, they … Read more

From the drain… to the tap – a ‘revolutionary’ water recycling initiative in France

A pioneering initiative water recycling is expected to start in a town in the Vades department in western France with the aim of reusing domestic water. dramatic decline rain forced people in the region to become inventors. Under this initiative, existing filtration, reverse osmosis and disinfection methods will be used to recycle 25% of the … Read more

Many Americans were wondering what to do after the solar eclipse

Many of those who had the opportunity to admire him yesterday are suffering total solar eclipse in USA, Mexico and Canada According to the international media, they turned to Google search and other social networks and expressed their complaints like this: “My eye hurts.” According to the American network NBC, they are searching for solutions … Read more

How Russia’s War in Ukraine is Exacerbating the Climate Crisis

Climate for more than two years war in ukraine That was more than the greenhouse gas emissions of 175 countries combined, according to a new study. According to the most in-depth analysis of the conflict’s climate impacts, Russia’s invasion produced at least 175 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e).from the war operations themselves, the … Read more