Ukraine: Three times Greece’s annual CO2 emissions since the war

Direct or indirect invasion of Russia Ukraine It will cause 175 million tons of emissions carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, estimates a new report that confirms the war’s severe environmental damage. The study was carried out by the Ministry of Environment of Ukraine together with non-governmental organizations. Although his estimates are not entirely reliable, they … Read more

Climate change: Switzerland defies landmark court ruling in Strasbourg

His Lower House Switzerland rejected him Historic decision of the European Court of Human Rights forced the country to do more to deal with it climate changea move that could encourage other governments to ignore the rulings of international courts. In April, a Strasbourg court issued an unprecedented ruling that Bern had violated the law. … Read more

European elections: The road to a Green Deal is difficult after the rise of the right

After that, the right turn made by the European Parliament European elections MEPs, officials and analysts who spoke to Reuters said it would create obstacles to the adoption of more ambitious environmental policies. Center parties retain a majority in the European Parliament, but the results show big losses for the Greens and impressive gains for … Read more

Since June 2023, the heat record has been continuously broken every month

The world (and) lived it April’s “excellent” temperatures whom monthly temperature records were recorded according to their latest data, both on the ground and on the surface of the oceans European Copernicus Observatoryreleased today. El Niño, a natural climate phenomenon, “continued to weaken,” leaving the possibility of lower temperatures later this year, but no change … Read more

Climate change: May was the 12th consecutive record month

THE climate change shows his teeth more often. May marked the 12th consecutive month of record temperatures on Earth, and more waves are expected heat wave this summer. Global overall temperatures last month were 1.52C above historical averages, marking the hottest May on record, according to the EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Agency. During the month, … Read more

Climate change: Temperatures rising ‘faster than ever’, time window closing

Global temperature rise is accelerating at an “unprecedented” rate and the window of time to avoid the worst is narrowing, a major international study warns. climate changeAs Brazil struggles to recover from devastating floods and India and Pakistan swelter in unprecedented heat waves. Research in the review warns that temperatures are currently rising by 0.26 … Read more

UN secretary: “People are as dangerous as the meteorite that destroyed the dinosaurs”

“Humans pose the same threat to the planet as the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs,” the world warned today. Environment Day (5/6), UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres calling for a ban on oil, gas and coal advertising, pointing to another negative record as the past 12 months hit record highs. “When it comes to … Read more

The climate crisis affects people of lower socio-economic status more

“Our generation will be restored Earth”, is his message World Environment Day It is celebrated on June 5 to promote awareness and action to protect an environment challenged by the climate crisis. This year’s message seeks to strengthen efforts for a more environmentally conscious generation and reinforce the need to take action to mitigate both … Read more