Environmental policy in question in the new European Parliament

The position plans of the major political groups show that the next European Commission will face a divided European Parliament to push forward ambitious environmental goals. after European elections last month, MEPs discuss their policy priorities for the next five years. Draft positions show some groups plan to block new climate policy or weaken existing … Read more

Dengue in Trento. Imported, disinfected on Thursday

incident was recorded Malathia in dengue one a person returning from a trip abroad and resident Trento. Based on the instructions of the Ministry of Health, the Provincial Health Services Company, in agreement with the Municipality of Trento, has provided some precautionary measures to limit the spread of mosquitoes and prevent secondary cases of disease … Read more

The first phase of the program ended with great success

The National Theatre: Theater and Therapy program includes free theater and drama therapy workshops at the National Theater and is aimed at people with mental health problems. The first phase of the first program called “National Theatre: Theater and Therapy” was carried out with great success during the first three months of its implementation. The … Read more

Stavros Niarchos Park keeps you awake all night

After last year’s huge success “Full Moon Dream”this year Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) stays up late on Sunday, July 21, the Full Moon of the Deer, and welcomes the public to a night unlike any other. All-night movie screenings, silent disco parties, mystery group games, pedal boat rides on the Canal, night reading … Read more

Climate change: 2024 is set to surpass the killer heat of ’23

It was last month hottest June on record The EU’s climate agency announced on Monday, a dire development that means 2024 could surpass last summer’s record slaughter record. The Copernicus climate service announced that all months since June 2023, a total of 13 consecutive months, have been the warmest months on record compared to corresponding … Read more

Summer with Covid: many with symptoms are in bed

In line with what is happening in other countries, the dominant variant is JN.1 Covid has presented such an impactful and painful experience that many can no longer hear it.Despite the request for removal, it is still in circulation and it’s spreading like wild fire this summer too (increase in infections was from 25% during … Read more

Lokomondo at the 2024 Lazarist Monastery Festival

Celebrating 21 years on stage, the great music company appears in Thessaloniki on Monday, July 8. Lokomondo, one of the most famous, young and beloved bands of Greece, comes to the stage of the Lazarist Monastery Festival on Monday, July 8, with an unforgettable concert program. Lokomondo celebrates! Twenty one years on stage, twenty one … Read more

Has the “end” of the diet come?

We talk with Michalis Kefalogiannis about the “end” of dieting as a solution to maintaining a stable weight, and whether there is finally a secret “recipe” for a happy, long-term life on the show “Vita for All Our Lives”. term relationship. Experts explain that diets are often not the answer and provide “tools” that can … Read more