Speech by K. Siomos at the Diachronic Museum

The Diachronic Archaeological Museum of Larissa will host a presentation by Professor Emeritus of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Dr. Konstantinos Siomos on “Light and Reason – Natural History and the Ancient Greek Miracle”.

The question of what is the natural world and what is the role of man in this world has been pondering mankind for centuries.

The intense intellectual effort to understand the world led the Ionian physiologists (6-5 BC) to the idea that the world could be understood by observation, Light and intellect, expressing the amazing idea of ​​the Logos, the individual and the void. the beginning of everything.

It is in this eternal seed of human rational thought, reason, that we find our cosmogenic roots and the only cosmic truth, that nature was born before man, and appointed him not as an oppressor, but as its ruler.

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