“Mellonymphos” by Nikiforos Lytras at auction

In a remarkable convergence of history and art, Cypria Auctions is honored to offer for auction a rare and unusual painting by the outstanding 19th century Greek artist Nikiforos Lytras.

a work called “To Be a Bride”The auction in Cyprus on Wednesday 19 June is expected to be a highlight, offering collectors and art lovers a rare opportunity to acquire a work by one of Greece’s most important artists.

The origin of the painting adds to its appeal. Originally sold by Lytra himself before 1877, it changed hands at auction Christie’s London in 1981, before being acquired by the current owner in 2010 through Cypria Auctions.

Art critic Dr. Nellie Egyptian confirmed the authenticity of the work in 2002, stating that it was painted in Munich, a center for Greek artists of the Munich school. Dr. Misirli believes that this work is the first of two known versions of Litra’s “Bride to be”. A second version, “A Moment of Rest,” was sold by Christie’s in London in 2009.

“Bride to be” (1874–1875), estimated price €150,000 – 250,000

“To Be a Bride” It highlights Lytra’s craftsmanship and ability to capture the essence of Greek cultural heritage. The painting depicts a seated young woman with a commanding but sensitive presence, what the art critic personifies. Marina Stefanidis It describes it as “Doric solidity”. The background, with its ever-changing light, creates an enigmatic atmosphere that simultaneously projects and transforms the female figure, enveloping her in an almost ethereal glow.

Mrs. Stephanie describes the painting as follows: “The sitting girl with her Doric firmness seems to dominate and dominate the space. Thus, the background is constantly transformed by a mysterious inner light, simultaneously projecting and changing, almost petrifying the female figure. As the light spreads everywhere, it seems to dissolve the forms and rearrange them at the same time.”

THE Dr. Nellie EgyptianIn his extensive monograph on Lytras (LYTRAS, Nelly Misirli, Nikiforos Lytras, 1832 – 1904, National Bank of Greece, Athens 2009) he further analyzes the bride: “The work shows a young woman in a white dress, seated in profile. sparsely decorated village room, she fell asleep for a moment to prepare her dowry, she is depicted as a simple, beautiful and hardworking woman absolute peace and tranquility and this is not only the economy of space but also the harmony of colors, the amazing white and minimal in the clothes red and modest flowers in the vase help.

Nikiforos Litras (Pyrgos Tinos, 1832 – Athens, June 13, 1904) was one of the greatest Greek painters and art teachers of the 19th century. He is considered one of the most important representatives of the Munich school and a pioneer in the formation of fine arts education in Greece.

Nikiforos Litras (1832-1904) is often called the father of Greek painting. He was an important figure of the Munich School of Greek Artists and played an important role in the development of painting in Greece. His works stand out for their attention to detail, emotional depth and cultural significance.

The Bride is not only a fine example of Lytra’s artistic genius, but also a piece of Greek history that reflects the social and cultural nuances of the 19th century.

Those interested can view the painting at K Gallery in Nicosia until June 19. Located at 14 Evrou Street, Strovolos, Nicosia, the gallery will be open Monday to Saturday from 9:00am. to 8:00 p.m., and on Sundays from 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m

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