10th Molivos International Music Festival on the theme “Friendship” in August

The Molyvos International Music Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary this year with the theme “Friendship” and invites the public to a special musical experience from August 9-19, 2024. The charming island of Lesvos and Molivos in particular will be the venue for the festival. a rich program of concerts and events highlighting the concept of friendship and its power to unite people and cultures.

Danae Doerken and Kyveli Doerken, artistic directors of the festival, note in their notes that “In Greek, the word friendship refers to a high ideal concept on the one hand, and to one of the cornerstones of a prosperous society on the other hand. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the International Pen Music Festival, an anniversary dedicated to all the friendships and collaborations that have made the festival possible over this period. Its existence and success are living proof of the power that comes from trust between people, ideas, countries and cultures – a trust that can only exist in conditions of open horizons, tolerance, science and friendship. But how can we recognize true friendship? Aristotle distinguishes three types of friendship. Friendship from profit (due to utility), friendship due to pleasure (due to pleasure) and so-called perfect friendship (due to virtue). A perfect friendship is based on reciprocity, trust and selfless kindness. Perfect is the friendship of people who are alike in good and virtue. Such friends are alike because they are good in themselves. During the festival, we experienced unique moments of such friendship – the meeting of people of different cultures and different social backgrounds, a marriage proposal, relationships established and developed through music regardless of age, a wedding and many other unforgettable experiences. Classical music remains active and alive because within it various motifs, cultural references, rhythms, ideas and emotions coexist. Let music be the ideal model for awakening the same vision within us – forging new friendships and being grateful for the friendships that already surround us.”.

Next time, the festival will host famous musicians from all over the world. Among them is Antje Weithaas, who has worked as a soloist with most of Germany’s leading orchestras, many international orchestras of distinction and renowned conductors (including Vladimir Ashkenazi, Sir Neville Marriner and Mark Albrecht) and has been artistic director for ten years. , and is responsible for the music profile of the Bern Chamber. Sebastian Manz won first prize in the clarinet category and the coveted Audience Award at the ARD International Music Competition in Munich. Simon Bode, one of the most sought-after lyric tenors of his generation, and Petrit Ceku, a guitarist who has won first place in many international competitions, including the Parking International Guitar Competition (Malibu, Sade String Competition (Allentown)). Maurizio Biazzini International Competition (Bologna) and Michele Pittaluga International Classical Guitar Competition (Alessandria).

A special highlight of the festival will be the world premiere of Greek composer Louka Thanos’ work “On Love and Friendship”, written especially for the festival.

In addition, this year’s theme will be “Can Aristotle’s ideal of friendship exist outside the theme” with the participation of academician, astrophysicist, Stamatiou M. Krimizis, on August 17 at noon. will organize an interesting seminar. Paraskevi Kefalas, President of the Academy of Athens, Chair Emeritus of the Department of Space Physics and Space Instrumentation at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Professor of International Relations in the Greater Middle East and North Africa, Department of Mediterranean Studies, Aegean, Center for the Study of Mediterranean-Middle East Politics and Culture ( KEMMEP) director and Anthony Bossis, clinical psychologist, professor of psychiatry at the New York University School of Medicine, professor of classical and religious studies at the University of Ottawa, researcher at the Lundquist Institute-UCLA. The conference will be moderated by Chloe Balla, professor of ancient philosophy at the University of Crete.

The main festival (August 16-19) will, like every year, be framed by opening concerts on August 9, 10, 11 and 12 in the medieval Saplitza warehouses of Mytilene’s Lower Castle. The Ottoman fortress of Sigri, the archaeological site of the Messos sanctuary and the ancient aqueduct of Moria, respectively, as well as Molyvos Musical Moments, spontaneous concerts organized in the alleys, beaches and other parts of Molivos pleasantly surprise the residents. and guests of the village.

With its unique architecture and charming landscape, Molyvos will soon host a festival that has deservedly earned its place among the most important classical music festivals in Europe. This year, a festival that will praise the beauty of human connection and invite us to

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