Emergency report from EMY: Where will the thermometer show 43 degrees

When the heat wave is at its peak EMY continued to update the emergency weather report predict By Friday, the temperature will reach 43 degrees Celsius when will we take the first breaths of coolness.

The highest temperatures will occur in the interior of mainland Greece, mainly in the central and southern regions, in areas not affected by the sea breeze.


1. His Wednesday (12-6-2024) the temperature will reach:

a. 37-39 degrees in the northern mainland, and locally 40 degrees in central Macedonia.

b. 38-40 degrees in Western Sterea and Western Peloponnese.

c. Thessaly, eastern Sterea and eastern Peloponnese 41-42 degrees and 43 degrees in places.

d. 38-39 degrees in the Eastern Aegean and Dodecanese islands, 40-42 degrees locally in Crete 35-37 degrees Celsius in the rest of the island countries.

e. It will be 41-42 degrees in Attica, but it will be 3-4 degrees lower in the eastern coastal areas.

2. Thursday (13-6-2024) temperature will remain high both in terms of maximum and minimum values. The temperature will show a slight decrease only in the north-west.

a. The maximum temperature in the northern continental regions will vary between 36-37 degrees Celsius, 38-39 degrees locally in central Macedonia, and the minimum between 25-27 degrees Celsius.

b. In Thessaly, Western Sterea and Western Peloponnese, the maximum temperature will reach 39 to 41 degrees Celsius, while the minimum values ​​will be between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius.

c. In Eastern Sterea and Eastern Peloponnese, the maximum temperature will reach 41-43 degrees, while the minimum values ​​will vary between 27-29 degrees Celsius.

d. In the Ionian Islands, Sporades and Cyclades, 35-37 degrees, in the northern and eastern Aegean islands, 38-40 and 39 to 42 degrees Celsius in Crete and the Twelve Islands. Its minimum values ​​will vary between 27 and 29 degrees Celsius.

e. In Attica, maximum temperatures will reach 41-42 degrees inland and possibly 43 degrees, while coastal areas will be 3-5 degrees lower.

3. On Friday (14-6-2024), the temperature will drop significantly in the west, center and north, and the weather conditions are expected to change with storms accompanied by strong winds in the center and north of Greece.

a. The maximum temperature in the northern continental areas will be 34-36 degrees.

b. The maximum temperature in the rest of the mainland will be 36-38 degrees, and in the inner parts of Sterea and Peloponnese it will be 39 degrees.

c. The maximum temperature in the island country will reach 34-36 degrees and in the Eastern Aegean, Dodecanese and Islands. 37-39 and maybe 40 degrees Celsius in Crete.

It is noted that On Saturday, the temperature in the country will temporarily fall to normal for the season. At the same time, a strong northerly wind will prevail.

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