Drosia Tritaia Culture and Environment Association “OI GIANNIADES”: 6th event in the Church of Ag. Athanasiou in Drosia Tritaia

The association’s statement reads:

Drosia Tritaia Culture and Environment Association “YIANNIADS” Organized with great success on Saturday, June 08, 2024 6the Cultural event in the chart his little church «Agios Athanasios” Nestled on the green slopes of the Erimantos massif mountain range, there is a panoramic view of many fellow villagers, municipal councilors and guests of the village. The “Divine Liturgy” was performed by Father Christos, vicar of our village, in the small picturesque church.

The event was attended by Erimontos Municipality: Chairman of the Board Mr. Nikolaos Martzaklis, Board of Directors Mr. Elias Papagiannopoulos and Panagiotis Zacharopoulos, President of the local community Mr. Zorlas Dimitrios, several fellow villagers, guests. to the village, Association members.

After the Divine Liturgy, Artoklasia and greetings of the guests,

This was done Marking Evergreen Holly It is located next to the sanctuary with a perimeter of 3.80 m and a height of more than 20 meters.

With this sign, the century-old Pournari is included In the seventy-two (72) Peloponnesian trees associated with the revolution of 1821, recorded by Cultural Institute of Messinia.

According to the testimony of the elderly residents of the village, Pournari used to stop here for rest. warrior “GIANNIAS” Before going up to 1the ridge (altitude 1030 meters) to reach “Pilalistra”, where he trains his boys.

Very close to the same Punari was the village’s old Primary School (today in a dilapidated state), Where the “old man of the Republic” studied for two years.

Sweets, wine and sweets were presented to all participants.

The association thanked everyone who participated in the event and invited them to the next event Cultural center event for warriors “YIANNIADS” will take place in the village square Saturday, July 06, 2024 at 08:00 PM, Joint organization with the Western region. Greece and Erimontos Municipality.

The association thanks the local media for cooperation and promotion of its events.

Board of Directors of the Union.

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