Nikolaos Glyxburg: For a photography exhibition in New York

His brother Pavlos and his sons are with him

Two months ago, the news of divorce came Nikolaou Glyxburg and his Tatiana Blatnik traveled the world. The couple ended their 20-year relationship.

Now both are moving on with their lives and seem especially cheerful. THE Tatiana Blatnik often circulates in its center Athens, to work Nicholas traveled to New York for his first solo exhibition NOSTOS.

Information and photos from the exhibition have been published on the website of the former royal family. In fact, we have seen it in photos Nicholas with a more moody and much refreshed look than ever. He had his brother with him PaulWHO
took a picture with the guests at the opening of the exhibition organized in the gallery Ethan Cohen It will last from June 5 to July 13, 2024.

He had two sons living with him New York.THE Achilles who had a career as an actor and Aristides They supported their uncle who started studying at a boarding school in America.

He quotes the press release for Nikolaos’ exhibition:

Prince Nikolay’s first solo exhibition in New York “NOSTOS” is being held at the Ethan Cohen Gallery from June 5 and will run until July 13, 2024.

“NOSTOS” represents a journey of self-awareness and memory, both on a personal and collective level. It serves as an allegory for exploring memories, history and tradition, reflecting on the past and looking to the future.

The works are a synthesis of photography, classical and modern, as well as marble, an integral element of classical art, with the unique printing method of the artist’s developed photograph directly on the marble. Greek art is combined with digital photographs of the Greek sky, sea, land and light.

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