The “Library of Iakovateios” is now under restoration. Will PIN fund the project?

The “Library of Iakovateios” is now under restoration. Will PIN fund the project?

The “Library of Iakovateios” is now under restoration. Will PIN fund the project?

To the Honorable County Governor

Likhouri Yakovate Library is NPDD and organically belongs to the Ministry of Education.
Public Central Library – The Typaldon-Iakovata Lichouri Museum, also known as the Yakovateios Library, is located in the two-story mansion of the Typaldon-Iakovata family, built in 1866 and restored in 1984, but severely “hit” by earthquakes. 2014. It is a typical example of neoclassical architecture of the mid-19th century, and the surrounding area, which is an integral part of it, contributes to the appearance of the building. The ceilings of the interior spaces are decorated with remarkable frescoes. It was declared a work of art by the Ministry of Culture in 1968.
The first floor of the building houses the Lichouri Central Public Library, which has approximately 30,000 volumes of books and journals published since the 16th century. to this day, many of them are rare and hard to find and are of wide interest, both scientific and recreational. The library fund is constantly enriched with modern materials.

On the first floor, there is a Museum where the heirs of the Typaldon-Yakovata family are exhibited and the Archive of the same family with very interesting materials is preserved.

Due to the earthquakes that occurred in 2014, the building is currently inaccessible.

The restoration and improvement of the building and the configuration of the surrounding area were carried out and designed by the George Vergottis Memorial Foundation of Lausanne.

The budget of the research is about 2,000,000 euros and it is in the final stage.

ASKS the District Governor:

Does he intend to undertake the financing of this important cultural project for Lichouri, Kefalonia and the Ionian Islands, with the initiative of signing a multilateral Program Agreement with Yakovate NPDD, the Ministry of Education and perhaps the Ministry of Culture?

Regional Advisers of ANAS:
Theodoros Galiatsatos
Alexander Mikhalas
Dionysios Giakoumelos

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