EAGME: “The way is opened” for the rehabilitation of the inactive Kerki mine

An extremely important project to restore the environmental load from the inactive Kirki mine in Alexandroupoli is about to be implemented.

In particular, the Hellenic Geology and Mines Authority (EAGME), which will make a decisive contribution to the implementation of the emblematic project carried out a few days ago regarding the restoration of the mine “Agios Filippos” as well as the ore beneficiation factory, with the participation of representatives of all the Agencies involved in the implementation of the above-mentioned project exploratory visit to inactive Kerkish Mine site and autopsy.

This is the first step to implement the latest Decision of the Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Th Skylakakis, restarting the rehabilitation of the inactive public mine in Alexandroupolis, which will be financed from the “Environment and Climate Change” account. Program (PEKA 2021 – 2027) and co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Community Fund (CF).

According to the Ministerial Decision, in addition to EAGME, the Coordination Office for Environmental Damage Control (SYGAPEZ) of the Ministry of Interior and the Natural Environment and Climate Change Organization (OFYPEKA) have been appointed as Project Implementing Agencies.

During the visit – an autopsy, a full accounting of the situation in all areas was conducted by the authorized echelon, the extent of the environmental burden already carried out and ongoing was determined, and the need to take urgent measures was agreed upon.

In more detail, the following representatives of the institutions involved in the restoration work participated in the autopsy conducted in the Kerkish public mine:

  • Nikolaos Mamalougas, Charalambos Syropoulos, Vassilis Stoilopoulos and Evdokimos Kokkinakis of EYD PEKA&POLPRO.
  • Sonia Theodoridou and Stavroula Pouli of SYGAPEZ/Ministry.
  • Anna Konstantinidou, Vassilis Ilias, Sylvia Zakkak and Konstantinos Koumbis from OFYPEKA.
  • Alexandros Liakopoulos, Vassilis Arvanitidis and Anastasios Kyrmizopoulos from EAGME.

Head of Geochemistry and Environment Department of EAGME Dr. An extensive and constructive discussion was held, where Alexandros Liakopoulos presented the summarized results of the previous measurements as well as the main axes of intervention proposed for each of the regions.

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