Nutrition: Which ingredient can reduce aggression?

An unhealthy diet is associated with aggressive-antisocial behavior and low mood. hygiene which is considered useful at all levels. In fact, new research has revealed that, in the context of a balanced diet, there is an ingredient that can have a calming effect on possible violent manifestations, making us feel higher and calmer. In particular, … Read more

How to stop counting calories

Our total health and well-being also depends on the calories we consume, but counting them almost obsessively can only add stress. Additionally, it is not always possible to be accurate as the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) has a margin of error of about 20% for calories and other nutrients listed on food labels. … Read more

The Western Diet: How It’s Threatening Our Guts and Overall Health

Recently, researchers from Italy highlighted the impact of our diet on our gut microbiol and how our dietary choices can put us at risk of developing diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease. disease inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and Alzheimer’s disease. Specifically, according to overview A study published in the journal Best Practice & Research Clinical … Read more