How to stop counting calories

Our total health and well-being also depends on the calories we consume, but counting them almost obsessively can only add stress. Additionally, it is not always possible to be accurate as the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) has a margin of error of about 20% for calories and other nutrients listed on food labels. Even our… smart watches are prone to errors.

So it is clear that we often rely on biased imprecise means of calculation instead of trusting signs. You are hungry and the fullness that our own body sends us.

Finally, how is it possible to disable this calculator? How can we get rid of the habit of counting and counting calories?

Try a food journal

Instead of constantly tracking calories through apps, try noting your hunger level before you eat, what you ate, and your level of satiety and satisfaction after you finish eating.

It can also be helpful to note how you feel while eating. For example, are you stressed? are you tired

On a practical level, noting all of these things distracts you from counting calories. Additionally, it can help you better understand how your mood and emotions affect your food choices. Over time, you’ll gain a better understanding of your body and eating habits, which can give you more confidence and peace of mind.

Before looking at the menu, decide what you want to eat at the restaurant

Ask yourself: “What will satisfy me today?” Do I want meat and salad or pasta? After making a decision, open the catalog directly to this section and choose something you like, try to focus as little as possible on calories and more on what will make you happy at the moment.

If someone else starts talking about calories, change the conversation

Books, series, movies, hobbies, etc. There are many interesting topics to discuss.

Bon Appetit

Even if you do your best to make food choices based on your hunger levels and preferences, there will be times when your brain starts to pull you out of the habit of counting calories. You just eat slowly, enjoying the taste, the smell, the texture of your food.

Are you satisfied with your current meal? If not, what would you change to increase your level of satisfaction?

If this does not help you, you can look at the to-do list, dream about the upcoming vacation, think about important conversations, your weekend plans – anything that will prevent you from falling into an unnecessary trap. calculations.

Be patient

Keep in mind that even if you apply all of the above tips, you’ll probably still be thinking about your calorie count. Accept that this is inevitable, at least at first, and continue to push the thoughts away as much as you can. Rest assured that over time, your thoughts about calories will subside and your relationship with your body and image will likely become more balanced.

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