Woman Sues Walker Art Center

Despite being a bastion of modern art, it is now embroiled in a legal battle after a woman complained that she was unable to breastfeed in the building.

Megan Mzenga is suing the museum after a male employee prevented her from breastfeeding in one of its galleries.

The claim was first reported by local news outlet KARE and has since been picked up by Artnet News. On May 9, Mzenga sued in Hennepin County District Court, alleging the museum violated his civil rights under state law.

In the lawsuit, Mzenga says the incident happened on March 2 when he visited the museum with his family, including his eight-month-old daughter and three-year-old son, to attend the museum’s “family day.”

Twin Cities mom sues Walker Art Center over breast milk

Shortly after arriving at Walker, Mzenga noticed that her daughter wanted to breastfeed. But a male employee reportedly told her, “You can’t do that here.” He allegedly informed her he had to leave and used his walkie-talkie to arrange her removal. Her husband was elsewhere in the museum with their son.

Mzenga left the gallery alone “confused and embarrassed,” his lawyers say in the lawsuit. “Mzenga, a breastfeeding mother, thought the Walker would be a great place to take her young children, in part because the museum’s breastfeeding policy makes it clear that mothers are ‘free to breastfeed wherever they feel most comfortable.

In response, a spokesperson for Walker said they could not yet comment on the minutes of the lawsuit, but that guests are encouraged and more than welcome to breastfeed.

In addition, those who want privacy can use the family room with bathroom on the ninth floor. However, in accordance with the food and beverage policy, bottle feeding is not permitted in the galleries.

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