Surfaces, instructions for use” – an exhibition of works

In the National Gallery, in the periodical exhibition area of ​​the central building, which was recently named “Intermediate”, several works of Rena Papaspirou were created, the oldest of which dates back to the 70s, and the latest. before time. A great artist and teacher of ASKT, already in the 70s, he dared to oppose the dominant perception and aesthetics of fine art, to creatively emphasize the possibilities of matter and ready-made materials that the traveler finds in the fabric of the city (wood, sheet metal, asphalt, mosaic tiles).

His name is also associated with the technique of dismantling walls, as many of his works are made with fragments of walls taken from abandoned buildings so that they can witness the “episodes” that have been “written” on them by man. interference and deterioration of time and natural phenomena. The lovely and intelligent visual artist talks to Matina Kaltakis as part of the ERTNEWS ARTS supplement.

It should be noted that the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete in Rethymno presents an exhibition of works by Rena Papaspyrou and Aspa Stasinopoulos, two visual artists of the same generation, whose creativity has caused undiminished interest since 1970, under the curatorship of Maria Maragou. It is called “Strong in Time” and will run until October 30.

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