Coconut milk: how is it different from coconut water?

If you also love coconut, you can enjoy its nutritional benefits and wonderful aroma in two other ways. Drinking water and coconut milk. Both have been extremely popular choices in recent years, especially for health and beauty, but they differ greatly in taste, texture, and nutrition. Let’s get to know the two treasures of the much-loved exotic fruit more closely.

What is coconut milk?

Coconut milk is made from mature coconut meat. You can also make your own by grinding coconut and then straining your product. In the market, you can find both coconut milk in a paper box and coconut milk or cream in a box. The first one, which is more liquid and has enough water, usually replaces animal milk. The latter is thick and creamy, so it is a key ingredient in food and dessert recipes. Try making it with coconut milk velvety soups, smoothies and cakes, but even ice cream or delicious coconut cream. The taste of coconut milk will remind you of nuts.

Can I consume coconut milk?

You should always consult your doctor about this possible food intolerance or allergy. In general, coconut milk has more calories than coconut water, but contains more iron. Replacing animal products with coconut milk can also improve your health.

The coconut water issue

Unlike coconut milk, coconut water comes from unripe green coconuts. Their insides give us this precious water for our body. It is more clear and runny than coconut milk and tastes a little sweeter. The final product you will use will be more reminiscent of coconut because it is more natural. Combine coconut water in cool summer drinks and smoothies, ice creams, desserts and even cocktails. Remember that you will get the most out of its nutrients if you use it cold, as heat changes its properties.

Can I drink coconut water?

If you have not developed any dietary sensitivities to coconut, coconut water is a little treasure, a real hydration boost for your body. It contains vitamin C and electrolytes such as magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium. Coconut water can easily replenish your electrolytes after intense physical activity and exercise.

Take advantage of the summer that brings to mind the exotic scents and aromas of coconuts and fill your daily life with pleasure and hydration. Water and coconut milk can easily accompany a hearty breakfast, lunch or even a light evening snack.

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