The best exercises to do in the sand

Beach fitness is not only about swimming in the sea, but also exercises you can do on the sand.

Even if you’ve gone on vacation or frequented the beach, you don’t have to interrupt her schedule gymnastics your You can do most of the exercises on the beach in the morning, before the temperature rises, or in the evening after the sun has set a bit.

Exercising on the beach has significant benefits for your mental health and your body, as the sand provides ideal “relief” for exercise, puts less pressure on your joints and “burns” more calories.

Running on the beach

For example, running on the beach is a must less boring from running on the gym treadmill or walking around the park.

Also, there is less stress on your ankles, knees and hips when you run on sand. THE mitigation it can be in the joints reduces the likelihood of musculoskeletal injury.

In addition, running on sand provides additional resistance to the large muscles of the lower body, requiring more effort and energy to move your body. More energy demand equals more calories burned.

The sun and the calm view of the sea will help you more efficient will contribute to your training stress reduction.


After your run, it’s time to work your upper body and core.

Pushing may seem easier on sand because the soft ground puts less pressure on our hands.

Do 3 reps out of 10 and move on to the next exercise.

Squat down

The squat (with or without jumping) is a classic exercise that “works” the glutes, hips and quadriceps. At the same time, your abs, calves and hamstrings will be worked, especially on the unstable surface of the sand.

Remember to keep your arms horizontal and your knees not over your toes when sitting for better balance.

Do 3 repetitions 10 times with a few seconds rest in between.

Foot projections

Lunges are a great lower body exercise that works the quads, calves and glutes. When you do this exercise on sand, your body has a hard time maintaining balance, so it works harder.

Start with 10 reps on each leg and repeat for two sets.


Plank is a very simple but very demanding exercise that trains the muscles of the entire body, from arms to toes.

Place your hands in the sand and maintain a horizontal position on the sand. Hold this pose for as long as possible, ideally one minute. Repeat twice.

As with the rest of the exercise, the uneven terrain on the beach will increase the amount of power you need to put in, while the soft sand won’t put pressure on your joints in your feet and hands.

What to pay attention to

You can do other traditional exercises on the sand, such as exercises for the abs, back, legs and arms in different variations.

However, there are some things you should know. Do not exceed your endurance and exercise more than your usual fitness program. Also, avoid going to the beach or exercising in the afternoon or when the sun is very strong. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

Finally, as with all fitness programs, remember to do proper and good stretching at the end to avoid strains and injuries so you can enjoy your day at the beach.

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