Patras: Smyrna songs we love in a unique summer concert

Andreas Katsigiannis, the composer of the theater show and the film “Smirni My Lover”, is coming to a unique summer concert at the Summer Municipal Theater of Patras.

They will perform musical highlights and songs from the show, as well as the film written by Mimi Denisis and directed by Grigoris Karatinakis, along with School of Nea Ionia, Glykeria, Pantelis Thalassinos, Thodoris Mermigas and Despina Raphael.

A concert of perfumes from our beloved Smyrna.
With original songs by Andreas Katsigiannis as well as all the beloved traditional songs. Songs of Smyrna.
When you think of Smyrna, you almost always think of its bloody lands. However, it is worth remembering that the good years were preceded by peaceful and creative coexistence with respect for institutions and traditions.
The years when Turks, Armenians, Jews and Levantines lived peacefully side by side, spoke Greek and sang songs. No one in this town seemed to sleep. Nightingales sang songs until dawn.
Concert – a trip to the beloved Smyrna.


Versatile composer, conductor and founder of Nea Ionia’s legendary Estoudiantina, Andreas Katsigiannis comes from a musical family with musical influences from rebetiko singing, great Greek composers and Byzantine music. He studied Byzantine music and advanced theory at the Volos Municipal Conservatory with leading cantors Manolis Hatzimarkos and Michalis Meletis.
He collaborated with leading Greek and foreign composers as a santouri soloist and composer of songs with the most important Greek singers. Since the early 2010s, Andreas Katsigiannis has become increasingly known for his musical compositions for the Greek Theatre, Greek television and cinema. He has contributed music to many documentaries on modern Greek history, as well as foreign documentaries on the preservation of the planet and ecology. His music is included in dozens of record collections around the world.


Estoudiandina of Nea Ionia takes its name and origin from the famous Greek orchestra Estoudiantina, born in Smyrna and touring the world from 1898 to 1921.
Following in the footsteps of history and its musicians, the new Estoudiantina was founded in 1998 in Nea Ionia Magnesia. Its creator and artistic director, musician and composer Andreas Katsigiannis.
Since 1999, and for the first time performing in the Municipality of Nea Ionia Magnesia, the orchestra has performed at important international festivals and toured Greece dozens of times, translating the treasures of our music with its special color. tradition, but also highly aesthetic modern works.


From her first steps in singing, Glykeria, with her warm and expressive voice, takes the Greeks on a journey to us through the paths of the East: we adore her, they adore her abroad.
Glykeria is one of the great voices of modern Greek song with a very interesting background. A performer who can transform any song in his own way, always respecting his style. Fully aware of the techniques of his medium, he communicates with songs and audiences, with commentary that flows like roaring water that quenches the thirst for direct and meaningful communication, always using music and words as a vehicle.


He has been touring us with his songs for thirty years. Tradition, always present as a spirit and essence, gives him the impulse and vision to express his fresh and original proposition. Pantelis Thalassinos’ songs open like sunflowers, illuminating us with a big smile in the sun. He has collaborated with big names at home and abroad (Salvadore Adamo, Compay Segundo Grupo, etc.).


From the age of 11, he started doing music and singing. His teacher was Nikos Karahalios and then the great Teacher of Traditional Music, Domna Samiou. He was awarded first prize in Traditional Song at the Panhellenic Music Competition of the Ministry of Education two years in a row.
To date, he has collaborated with many leading musicians and singers and has recorded with them modern and traditional songs and participated in many concerts in Greece and abroad.

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