Larissa: “200 meters” movie at Mylos Summer Cinema

A story of fatherly love, the film, which won the BNL People’s Choice Award at the Venice Film Festival and the Golden Alexander Award in the Meet the Neighbors Competition at the 61st Thessaloniki International Film Festival, arrives on Monday, June 10. Summer Cinema Cine Mylos “Barbis Vozalis” at Papa’s Mill.

The name of the film, which will be shown on Saturday, June 15 until 22:00, is “200 meters”.

Two hundred meters separate Mustafa from his wife and children. Their houses face each other, but in their case this distance is insurmountable. This is because the wall of the West Bank that divided Mustafa’s people was placed between them. When he is forbidden to cross the wall in the Gaza Strip for a minor reason, Mustafa will go with all his strength to see his son who had an accident.

Directed by Amin Naifeh, Ali Suliman, Anna Uderberger, Lana Zreik

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