Once and… a picture: Group photo exhibition

The exhibition is presented at the Rebecca Camhi Gallery and will run until August 9

Rebecca Camhi Gallery presents “Once and… a Photo” group photography exhibition. Photographs displayed, analog or digital, black and white or color, are by artists: Nobuyoshi Araki, Chris Vereen, Nan Goldin, Dianna Magagna, Tracy Moffatt, Gabriel Orozco, Bill Owens, Wolfgang Tillmans.

The showroom never feels like joining instagram. Instead of swiping in front of each photo, I move my gaze and body. Other times it’s like a board game and we the audience love the pawns on the board. The winner is the one who sees the story behind the pictures. lost; You do.

Photography acts as windows to the inner or outer world. They take us to our nightmares, awaken the unconscious, take us out into the night, immerse us in our dreams. The views of the heroes of the photographs, the atmosphere of the landscapes and the placement of the lens towards the subject, as well as our own perspective and mood tell us a different story every time.

The name of the report is “Once upon a time…» invites us to create our own history. Stories are one of the most important sources of knowledge because they introduce us to unknown, impossible, and even real-life scenarios. A story, whether fictional or real, puts us in touch with our feelings and helps us place what happens to us in our own lives.

The group exhibition showcases artists who have worked with different techniques in different places and at different times. Could these very different moments create a bigger story? Visitors are invited to explore it.

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