Larisa: “Dinner of Idiots” premieres tonight

Thessalian Theater hosts the city’s amateur creations at the “Kostas Tsianos” theater. Within the “ONEIRON THAUMATA” festival (Meeting of Theater Stages of the City) “ENTIRE CITY IS ONE STAGE” on June 15, Francis Weber’s “THE IDIOT’S PERSON” is presented by director Dimitris Vuzan. 17, at the Mylos Theater – Kostas Tsianos, at 21:00.

Who is the “stupid”?

It is customary to call an elegant figure with extremely good intentions a “fool”. He is a champion of disaster and blunders. One such “idiot” is François Pion, a tax official in the play of Francis Weber, who is addicted to match constructions. He is invited to dinner by the great publisher Pierre Brossan. Pierre Brossan refers to theoretically “intelligent”, “normal”, wealthy townspeople who gather for dinner every Tuesday to amuse their boredom, and each carries “his own fool” who participates in a secret competition of his own. The meeting between Pierre Brossant and François Pignon finally makes us wonder: is there a measure of stupidity and how is it judged?

Cast (in order of appearance): Kostas Pelekanos, Dafni Deligianni, Christos Tsakos, Dimitris Vouzas, Fanis Hatzigrivas, Depy Tsirakopoulou, Todoris Matoulas, Christina Kordela.

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