Historical cinema dynamically enters the artistic map

The Pti Palai opens its doors to the public again October 2024 and now hails the dramatic art!

The space was commissioned as a cinema in 1962 and remained a favorite of the social and cultural life of Pagratio and the wider center of Athens until 2019, when it ceased operations for decades. His new use of the Petit Palais as a theater meets a key demand from the local community, who want the space to preserve its cultural character and remain active artistically.

In this spirit and continuing the venue’s tradition, the theater will retain the first logo of Athens meets Pti Palai, and special events are planned for the venue’s old friends as well as residents from the new theater season. of the area.

Sixty-two years after its first opening Pti Palai is presented again to the public with two big theater performances. With two leading works, one from the world and one from the contemporary Greek repertoire, and leading troupes of protagonists, Pti Palai dynamically enters the artistic map.


It will premiere in October 2024 “Rose on the Chest”, by Tennessee Williams, adapted and directed by Giorgis Tsouris. The main roles will be played by Maria Cavogianni (Serafina) and Makis Papadimitriou (Alvaro). They will be joined by Zogia Sevastianou, Phoivos Rimenas, Valia Papakonstantinou, Tonia Marakis, Stratis Hatjistamatiou, Ornela Luti, Lydia Giannousaki and Katerina Mefsut. Tickets for the performance are expected to go on sale in July.

It will premiere in mid-December “Fikas”, a classic comedy of our modern Greek theater first performed in 1870 by Demosthenes Misitzis. The production director of the play is Giorgis Tsouris and Alexandros Chrysanthopoulos. In the troupe we meet Thanos Tokakis, Iro Bezou, Thanasis Dovris, Evangelia Karakatsanis and Giorgis Tsouris. The musician on stage is Yoel Soto.

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