From the drain… to the tap – a ‘revolutionary’ water recycling initiative in France

A pioneering initiative water recycling is expected to start in a town in the Vades department in western France with the aim of reusing domestic water.

dramatic decline rain forced people in the region to become inventors. Under this initiative, existing filtration, reverse osmosis and disinfection methods will be used to recycle 25% of the water flowing from Les Champs-Elysées to Vaud.

The water will be collected from an existing sewage plant that uses highly improved treatment standards for discharge into the sea. It will then be thoroughly cleaned in a new factory, before being sent through 25km of pipes to a specially designed marsh through which it will pass to reach the river that feeds the drinking water reservoir.

Water from the tank is recycled before reaching household taps.

“We had to do something to increase water supply because we realized that even in years with enough rain, we will have a significant deficit by 2030,” said Caroline Rautureau of the Vendée Eau water company.

“Various solutions were considered and costed, including desalination of seawater, but they were too expensive in terms of both cost and environmental impact.”

“The system we developed using methods used elsewhere in the world made the most sense.”

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The new plant is due to be completed in 2023 and will operate for one year, sending the clean water it produces into the sea to ensure quality standards remain stable.

According to The connexion, from next year the water will be piped into the recycling system.

“So far, all water tests of the new plant have been flawless. You can drink the water without any problem,” said Mrs. Rautureau.

“This system was designed from the ground up to make non-ordinary water potable,” Ms Rautureau said.

“Since we started publicizing this initiative there has been a lot of interest across the country and we expect other coastal cities to copy it,” he said.

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