Guided tours to the “Red” periodical exhibition at the Timeless Museum of Larisa

The Diachronic Museum of Larisa and the Friends of the Diachronic Museum of Larisa together with “8” Larisa Art Association organize two guided tours of the “Red” exhibition. Guided tours will be held on Saturday, June 8 at 11:00 am and 12:00 pm by the curator of the exhibition, Mrs. Antigone Capsalis and will be open to the public.


Timeless Museum of Larissa and “8” Larissa Art Association present the contemporary art exhibition “Red” curated by art historian, painter and independent curator Antigoni Kapsalis.

The exhibition is inspired by the famous “stampotas” of Tyrnavos and the famous “Rizari”, one of the oldest and most important red dyes.

“Red” is a modern visual approach to “Cokkinadic art” and tries to preserve “a little” aspects of the Thessalian tradition from oblivion by introducing them to the local art-loving public through an interesting “discussion”. in terms of contemporary visual art language.

Participating artists were invited to create works consisting of two parts, the matrix and the body, resulting from the use of the print of the first. The main thematic axis is the color red, which sometimes haunts the works, sometimes stains them, sometimes subverts them, covering everything in its path.

A thin red line separates and unites modern art from the past. Most of the participants “insist” on traditional printmaking techniques, designing empty space with complex patterns that are intertwined and drawn into a vortex of socio-personal considerations. Others have the germ of subverting symbols and structure. For them, the matrix and the red color become “myrrh” on the symbolic altar of rebirth and purification.

The composition of the exhibition consists of video footage, installations, constructions, wall hangings, embroideries, three-dimensional and two-dimensional works, which together tell the stories of red

Gialama Natassa, Grippa Katerina, Diamanti Artemis, Exarchou Dimitra, Zazos Achilleas, Zipela Zoe, Kakkava Stella, Kraniotou Liana, Kyriazi Elli, Lagou Maria, Landavou Eftychia, Panagiotou Maria, Papatzelou Athanasia, Ileiaraliaa, Seitani Zoi, Tsatsavou Anna, Tsiatsiou Theodora.

The exhibition organized in the periodical exhibition hall of the Timeless Museum of Larissa will be open until Friday, August 30, 2024.

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