The rate of human-caused global warming is at an all-time high

There has been an anthropogenic increase in the temperature of the planet 1.19 degrees Celsius over the past decade (2014-2023) and is the largest ever recorded, according to the annual Global Climate Change Indicators report.

More if we look at 2023 separately 50 scientists Led by the University of Leeds, it found that human-caused warming is reaching them 1.3°C.

In the same year, there was a general increase in temperature 1.43°CNatural climate variability, particularly El Nino, also played a role in 2023’s record temperatures, researchers said.

Apparently, anthropogenic temperature increase is increasing at an “unprecedented rate”. 0.26°C per decade based on data from the period 2014-2023.

High levels of greenhouse gas emissions also affect Earth’s energy balance: ocean stations and satellites monitor unprecedented heat fluxes in Earth’s oceans, ice, land, and atmosphere.

This heat flux is 50% higher than the long-term average.

“Our analysis shows that although climate action has slowed the growth of greenhouse gas emissions, the level of human-caused global warming has continued to increase over the past year.

“Global temperatures are still moving in the wrong direction, and faster than ever,” says Prof. Priestley, Director of the University of Leeds’ Center for the Future of Climate. Piers Forster.

The report, published in the journal Earth System Science Data, comes as climate experts gather in Bonn to prepare the ground for the COP29 climate conference in Baku, Azerbaijan, in November.

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