foods that cause stress

After the evening fast, the body and the brain they are waiting for the fuel they need to work. We all need clarity, focus, energy and stamina to be creative and productive. However, not all foods are apt to give us what we expect. Finally, there are good choices and some that trigger feelings of anxiety in our brains. Learn the worst… options to plan a better breakfast for all-day well-being.

“Loaded” coffee

Many people like to start their day with a fresh and freshly brewed cup coffee. So far so good. Things get worse when otherwise “innocent” coffee is loaded with sugar, sweetened plant milks, creamers, flavored syrups, and lots of milk. All of the above is known activate it inflammation in the body and brain, and in turn, inflammation affects mood and concentration.

Smoothies with milk

While smoothies are a good choice for hydration and protein because of the fruit and yogurt because of the vitamins, they can turn into a sugar bomb. It’s a good idea to avoid combining lots of high-glycemic fruits (such as bananas and mangoes) and yogurts or plant-based milks that contain hidden sugars.

Bowl with fruit

It is very important that your breakfast is rich in antioxidants, but you need to be careful with what exactly you accompany your fruit. If you load them with coconut flakes or sugar-dried bananas, hidden sugars or sweeteners with honey and fruit oil, a healthy bowl becomes a sweet treat with the opposite results.

You can choose more fruits with a low glycemic index, for example, berries that are rich in polyphenols.

Yogurt desserts

Yogurts are an amazing source of protein, calcium, and probiotics, all of which are important for gut health. But when yogurts claim to have fruity flavors or chunks of fruit, they’re still hiding sugar and adding extra stress to the rest of your day.

Opt to start with plain yogurt or kefir, adding fresh fruit. A very cool alternative with all the sugar you need for the first meal of the day.


When grains are processed and added with artificial colors, sweeteners and sugar. This happens most often with delicious granola. Don’t be too sure it won’t be loaded with lots of salted sugar and nuts unless you make it yourself.

If you like grains, choose whole grains and unsalted nuts. In this case, your gut will thank you for the fiber.

Pastries, croissants, donuts

A triptych of the most stressful morning. Although they are widely available, affordable and tasty, they are characterized by a high percentage of refined carbohydrates and are often fried in low-quality oils. By eating these foods in the morning, you mathematically lead your mind to foggy and sluggishness.

The next time you wake up hungry, remember that it’s better to spend a little more time preparing a nutritious, tasty and healthy breakfast that will keep you full for hours. It will give you the physical strength and cognitive clarity to be highly productive and creative in your work and activities.

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