El Sistema Greece announces the opening of the Rematia Festival on July 2nd

His Tuesday, July 2 at 21.00 El Sistema Greek Youth Orchestra and El Sistema Greek Youth Choir join forces for a summer concert Rematia Festival of the Municipality of Chalandrio. El Sistema Greek musicians perform for the first time at the Rematia Festival and invite us to one musical night
full of surprises.

From classical masterpieces to popular movie hits and choral works from around the world, the concert will be a musical journey through space and time. El Sistema musicians of Greece will perform pieces that have left a mark on music and emphasize the timelessness of classical music and the dynamic energy of modern compositions. Horse will be the address of the orchestra Kyriaki Kountouri and Vaia Papagiannopoulou in choir direction.

El Sistema is one of Greece an educational music social integration program that provides free high-level music education to children and youth. Its goal is to create a community with a musical core without restrictions or discrimination.

El Sistema Greek Youth Orchestra is an educational cross-cultural orchestra, open to young musicians aged 8-26 who can play an orchestral instrument.

El Sistema Greek Youth Choir is an intercultural dynamic dynamic vocal music ensemble, and El Sistema Greece is constantly enriched by choral students and choristers with vocal training.

El Sistema Greece’s music ensembles offer a special group music learning process based on principles and innovative teaching practices. El System of Venezuela.

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