BARBA STATHIS is among the leading group of companies “MOST SUSTAINABLE COMPANIES IN GREECE 2024” based on the “ESG Index in Greece” sustainable development index, distinguished by its high indicators in the application of the principles of sustainable development and responsible entrepreneurship. This high distinction of the company is the culmination of its commitment and investments in continuous development and continuous modernization.

BARBA STATHIS, a responsible entrepreneurship model in Greece, has maintained a leading position in the agri-food sector for more than fifty years. Based on sustainability and innovation, it meets modern challenges and improves the local business landscape, contributing to its evolution and modernization.

“The inclusion of BARBA STATHIS in the list of ‘Most Sustainable Companies in Greece’ confirms our fundamental commitment to sustainability issues. This special award complements the latest assessment with Platinum level in sustainability issues by the organization EcoVadis, which places us in the top 1% of companies assessed worldwide We are committed to continuing our activities in an exemplary manner, offering safe and quality products, supporting our people and our society, and at the same time developing and implementing initiatives that contribute to the sustainable development of the country’s key sector”, says Katerina Makridou-Oraiopoulou, ESG & BARBA STATHIS Director of Communications noted.

The operative activity of BARBA STATHIS is characterized by a holistic approach to issues related to the environment, society and management. With a sense of responsibility, the company adheres to ESG criteria and is on course for a sustainable tomorrow with recognition from reputable institutions such as the QualityNet Foundation.


BARBA STATHIS has been operating in Greece for over 50 years. Since its inception, it has systematically invested in the core sector and continuous innovation, significantly strengthening the Greek economy. Commitment to excellent product quality and maximum safety, high technical know-how, constant investments, as well as emphasis on continuous development and continuous modernization make the company the undisputed leader of the sector. For more information on the actions of BARBA STATHIS:

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