Zoe Kollia in the visual exhibition “Oculi Inquisitivi

24 artists from Greece and abroad presented the exhibition at Luminous Eye Gallery in collaboration with ARTgrID and curated by Paris Capralou.

Zoe Kollia, who married Greek and American icons (Zoekyko) creates a narrative through his works without direct reference to simple reality.

THE Zoe Collia Born in Athens in 1992, she is the mother of a bright daughter with a mission to give her a love of art and color through painting. Lovely Mediterranean colors Greece combined with its textures and sounds New Yorkbeing a resident of the latter, he laid the foundations of his artistic career.

The artist, who also has experience and knowledge in interior design, paints with the idea that only a painting with a story can complement the aesthetics of the space and give it its uniqueness.

What inspired you to create the works in this exhibition?

The first painting in this exhibition was inspired by Juan Miro. One of the most important surrealists of the 20th century. When I visited Barcelona, ​​I admired many of his works, which inspired me to create my own. The table called “Digital Addiction” has a cubic impression. The painting “Disconnection with man” reflects the theme of the exhibition “oculi inquisitivi” and expresses one of the anthropocentric problems that cause problems in the modern lifestyle.

What is the main theme or message you want to come across with this exhibition?

Abstract art is a powerful tool for expressing different messages and emotions. Because it is not bound by a realistic representation of reality, it allows artists to convey ideas and feelings open to different interpretations. The main theme of this exhibition is thinking about our modern way of life. The exhibition with his works becomes an expression of this concern.

Is there a special story behind the works you exhibit?

It is mainly internal searches and experiments. I explore the possibilities of colors, shapes and textures to create new forms of expression. In most of my projects I use a combination of several materials.

Which work from the exhibition do you like and why?

The piece titled “Human Disconnection” is my favorite because it combines so many colors and textures. Decorated in space, it gives a special character and style in terms of aesthetics. It also integrates harmoniously into different styles and decor environments, which I think makes it multi-dimensional and versatile.

What techniques or materials did you use most often in these projects?

In these projects I mostly used a shaping spatula with a different technique in each painting.

Is there a project that you find most difficult and why?

I like to try new ingredients and their combinations. They made it difficult to get the result I wanted because of the process. In the end, this is a very nice thing, because I like the result and the variety compared to paintings with just colors on top without additional material. The combination of materials takes a lot of time, but it gives specificity to the final result of the painting.

How long did it take you to complete this collection?

About a week.

How do you choose the topics of your projects?

I mainly choose subjects that allow me to experiment with new techniques, materials and styles. The desire for artistic development and renewal often guides the choice of subject.

How does it feel to see your work on public display?

Exhibiting my work is a moment of confirmation that my work is worth sharing with the world, and it encourages me to continue to create and grow as an artist. Ultimately, it gives me the opportunity to see how the audience reacts to my pieces, which is the most exciting.

How do you see the development of your work from your first exhibition until today?

I like the latest projects more than my original projects.

What are the biggest challenges you face as an artist?

The time of creation, I would like more and the recognition that every new artist faces.

What does art mean to you and how do you think it affects society?

For me, art is a multifaceted form of expression and communication that transcends the boundaries of languages ​​and cultures. It is a medium through which we can express our deepest feelings, thoughts, ideas and perspectives. Art has the ability to evoke emotional responses, inspire, challenge and unite people on a personal and collective level.

Already have plans for your next exhibition or future project?

I have many ideas that I want to implement in my future projects. I want to try new techniques and explore some fresh inspiration.

What are your dreams for your art career?

Initial recognition and differentiation. Then continued artistic development and participation in exhibitions.

How do you see the role of art in the digital age?

The role of art in the digital age is multifaceted and dynamic, offering new opportunities for creativity, dissemination and interaction. Art not only survives but thrives in the digital environment, while maintaining its traditional value.
In the digital age, art benefits from technological advances while continuing to maintain its ability to express human experience and influence society. It is important to support this development to ensure that art in all its forms flourishes and enriches our lives.

Are there any collaborations with other artists or events you plan to attend?

Yes! I plan to attend other future art shows that have been recommended to me in galleries and online shows.

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