We prepare the best summer salad in 5 simple steps

When the mercury hits the red, the last thing we want to do is get into the kitchen and cook. In these hot summer days, there is only one way out: cool, fresh and healthy salads that will fill us with fullness and energy without much effort. We make them easily and quickly in 5 simple steps.

1. Go back to basics

The green base is the first and most important ingredient of any healthy salad. The most common choice is lettuce, and not without reason, as it is an excellent source of vitamins and fiber. Baby spinach is equally energizing.

Vezyroglou Gardens brings fresh and nutritious baby leaves (green, red, curly or crisp lettuce, valerian, mustard, arugula, cabbage, spinach, mizuna, beets, tatsoi) to our table every day, creating imaginative and healthy salads.

Quality every day

The cost of the salad mainly depends on the quality of the ingredients, so the ANT company. VEZYROGLOU & SIA EE manufactures and distributes as a vertical unit – always in relation to the environment and the resources required for their cultivation.

This fact helps to keep the produce fresh and nutrients intact as the time from harvest to packaging (from field to shelf) is as short as possible.

In addition, it ensures the quality, safety and durability of the products that reach our table by performing daily quality checks.

Variety every day

For those of us who have trouble choosing, Vezyroglou Gardens has ready-made combinations for every taste:

  • Greek salad: Green and red lettuce, wild arugula, spinach and baby beet leaves.
  • Pepperoni Salad: Baby Mustard, Wild Rocket, Green Lettuce and Mizuna Leaves.
  • Crispy Salad: Baby Crunchy Leaves of Green and Red Lettuce and Wild Arugula.
  • Italian salad: Baby leaves of Green and Red Lettuce, Wild Arugula, Valerian and Beetroot.
  • Coleslaw mix: Baby kale leaves (40%), wild arugula, red and green lettuce and spinach.
  • Valerian salad mix: Baby valerian leaves (40%), red lettuce and beetroot.
  • Super mixed salad: Green, red and crisp lettuce, wild arugula, spinach, beetroot, valerian, mizuna, cabbage and baby mustard leaves.

Bonus points: Diversity in composition gives us more diversity in vitamins and minerals.

2. Say cheese!

Upgrade your salad by adding a different cheese. Strongly flavored cheeses like Katiki and feta add a creamy, rich flavor to any salad.

Grilled goat cheese and halloumi add a smoky note and stand out against the green background Greek Salad from Vezyroglou Gardens.

Reminder: Salads from Vaziroglu’s gardens come to our plate without preservatives or processing at any stage, from cultivation to packaging.

3. Who said fruit is only for fruit salads?

We love salads, we love fruits, and now that the weather is getting warmer, we’re “marrying” them. Baby Leafy Seasonal Fruits – The Tastiest Combination!

“Agaze” with peaches, apricots, cherries, watermelon or cantaloupe, grapes, figs, sweet and sour summer tomatoes, fresh leaves and herbs.

We “dress” them Spicy Wild Rocket Leaves from Vezyroglou Gardens with figs, pomegranate, quinoa, feta and roasted vegetables – sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

Root vegetables have a sweet flavor profile that helps balance out leafy greens.

Green and Red Lettuce and Wild Arugula with Baby Crispy Leaves, Crispy salad from the gardens of Vaziroglu best paired with citrus and other acidic cool fruits such as green apples, mangoes and oranges.

Salads from the gardens of Vezyroglou are award-winning due to its special taste and high nutritional value.

4. Increase the nutritional value with nuts and seeds

Nuts, pine nuts, flax seeds, peanuts… Nuts and seeds go well with green and mixed salads.

We remove it for a light but satisfying dish Green curly Lollo Bionda lettuce from Vezyroglou Gardens with juicy strawberries, avocado, feta cheese, chicken, almonds, black sesame and “cool” with a little balsamic vinegar.

Smart information: Black sesame has a high calcium content, 60% higher than white sesame and is very rich in minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

5. Dress her up!

A healthy salad is like Arta’s… bridge: we “build” it every day, but if we put the wrong dressing on it, it can “tear down”.

Instead of ready-made dressings that fill us with calories and reduce the quality of our salad, we prefer to flavor it with vinegar such as apple or balsamic vinegar, lemon, lime or orange juice and aromatics such as mint. basil, fennel, oregano and thyme.

Pro type: If you use the same ingredients you always use and change the dressing, you will see that a completely different salad is created.

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