Why you should include it in your diet

First, it is very important to get rid of the mindset that excludes carbohydrates diet to us. There are many carbohydrate-rich foods that are very nutritious for our overall health. Let’s not forget that carbohydrates provide the energy needed to cope with everyday life. So even bread that is wrongly considered “bad” for the diet has many benefits when it comes to sourdough bread.

According to scientists, you need to know about sourdough.

What is acid?

To prepare bread, first mix flour and water and let it ferment. Yeast is a symbiotic culture of microorganisms that feed mainly on flour and water (fermentation) and give bread its characteristic sour taste. The benefits are multiplied especially when you choose sourdough wholemeal bread because it contains a lot of fiber that contributes to gut health. Let’s see in detail how you can benefit from sourdough bread:

  1. Improves gut health

During fermentation, probiotics are produced that facilitate digestion and strengthen the microbiome gut. But if you suffer from various problems related to your intestines, e.g celiac diseaseit is better to consult a gastroenterologist, because its consumption may not be allowed.

  1. It balances blood sugar

According to research, it can make sourdough bread help in balancing blood sugar. This is maybe it’s time responds well to lactic acid and glucose.

  1. It facilitates digestion and contains antioxidants

In addition, sourdough bread contains lactic acid and yeast, which weaken phytic acid, an ingredient that inhibits the absorption of many nutrients. Thus, sourdough bread contains phytic acid smaller 25-50%, resulting in room for better absorption of nutrients, at the same time is facilitated digestion

Others investigations prove that sourdough bread is rich in antioxidants due to its low lactic acid concentration and low pH.

Sourdough bread from the oven or from home?

Of course, a product that has not undergone much processing and whose ingredients we can control is preferred because it contains more nutrients and fewer preservatives. So take some time and knead and bake your own delicious sourdough bread by yourself or with your family. Along with great benefits for your physical health, you will also be filled with joy. You can store your sourdough in the refrigerator to extend its shelf life.

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