Waiting lists Veneto: a new objective plan is coming

“Last year, in June, we finished 128 miles visit”floating”, i.e. patients waiting for a date for category “D”., this means a 30-day wait in Veneto, double in the rest of Italy. Today we have them 17 miles.
means well done and I thank everyone working in health care, starting with doctors.”
Thus, the president of Veneto, Luca Zaia, reviewed a topic that is experiencing decisive times: waiting lists.
Because the fight against the “disease”, which takes a long time to get treatment and chronically disrupts the health care cycle, has been revived at the national level with the recent decisions of the government. in decree law and bill. And singles regions, precisely on the basis of these measures be able Like this Request authorization to raise the health care spending ceiling by 15% by 2024 up to Calculation based on actual demand forecast for 2025.

There are currently no formal requests to this effect, although this is likely due to the fact that the event is so new that requests have yet to be formalized. But they would variousit seems participating Regions. For example, Zaia herself commented: “This operation is pleasant, also because, as folk wisdom teaches, suffocating is lubricated“.In any case, a new regional plan to reduce waiting lists is on the way. The Veneto Region, in addition to those already activated in February, using the authorization to spend the finalized resources of the National Health Fund by way of exception, use the entire 0.4% of the standard national requirement unspecified funding level to reduce waiting lists.About 40 million euros.

Fighting waiting lists in Veneto

“Veneto will use the maximum 0.4% allowed by the government,” Zaia said. Veneto’s “flattering results” in dealing with waiting lists are also highlighted. More than 29 million funds have been allocated for this purpose in 2023. Regional health advisor Manuela Lanzarin explained that the additional budget is used to finance the additional activities of health workers and purchase services in agreement with accredited private structures.

A political line that indicates that Veneto will not miss this new opportunity. “I have always been convinced that Zaia, when commenting on the decree, says that health care should be managed at the regional level because in the last mile as we demonstrated with the pandemic, problems are solved”. It is no coincidence that Veneto was the first to open hospitals even at night 10 years ago.

What does the decree provide?

Year package In the structure described at the beginning of June by the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci urgent measures to reduce waiting list timesincluded in the text of the legislative decree, ed other guarantees for health services, instead, it was included in the bill. In the near future, for example, we are talking visits on Saturdays and SundaysOf A single regional or intra-regional trophya first Accurate and realistic monitoring of delivery times performance.

If the services are not provided at the times specified by the existing priority classes, the health authorities will have to guarantee the citizen intramoenia performance he through an accredited individual. At the same time, in 20% if the citizen does not perform the ordered visit or examination without prior notice, he will still have to pay the ticket. Also expected National registry of citizen reports about inefficiencies.

However, the most important possible intervention mentioned above is on the economic-financial front. an immediate 15% increase in costs For employees in the regions, 20% of hourly rates for additional service workers and a foundation 100 million to restore waiting lists with the help of in-house outpatient specialists.
The year 2025therefore, the spending limit for personnel will be abolished, a new mechanismwill be associated with calculation of standard demand.

Purchase of services from an individual by contract

In addition to the possibility to call specialists as well take measures to reduce waiting lists and combat the phenomenon of “token holders”, employment under a self-employment contractdecree is also addressedreceiving services from a related individualIncreasing the share of the National Health Fund that can be spent for this purpose for 2025 and 2026.

President Zaia always came back to the topic.
“I hope – he declared – that we will gradually be able to hire doctors permanently. Finding them. Because with Azienda Zero we make at least 1 recruitment announcement every 3 days. But many of these announcements have many The positions were not filled due to lack of candidates. According to recent reports, there are very few enrollments in medical and surgical specialty schools, even for radiation therapy. The meaning of this there is a shortage of doctors and you can also see it in these stages: in Italy they are missing 50 milesin Veneto 3,500“.

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