The story of the world’s most expensive painting on the small screen

“Salvator Mundi”, “Studiocanal”, “The Picture Company”, “Entertainment 360” and “Zaftiq Films” production companies for a new TV series based on the documentary “The Lost Leonardo” starring Julianne Moore (Julianne) in 2021 they merge. Moore).

It tells the story of “Salvator Mundi”, the most expensive painting in the world, which depicts Jesus Christ dressed in blue and crimson clothes, his right hand is in the shape of a blessing, and his left hand is holding a celestial globe. Experts believe that it is probably Leonardo da Vinci’s last work at the same time as his most famous work, the Mona Lisa.

The Oscar-winning actress will play Dianne Modestini, an art conservator who is convinced it’s by a Renaissance master and who eagerly takes on its difficult restoration.

He will also be stunned when auctioneer Christie’s in New York announced in 2017 that the $1,000 item was the most expensive painting ever bought, fetching a record $450 million, before it hit the hammer.

Deadline reports that there have been many mysterious changes, twists and dark confrontations between the recovery and the sale.

The buyer of the auction has never been identified, but is believed to be Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The ambitious production will investigate whether the painting is a breakthrough or one of the biggest forgeries in art history.

The actress will also play the role of executive producer Charlie Gogolak (Charlie Gogolak), creator of the series Gillian Weeks (Gillian Weeks) and John Requa (John Requa) and Glenn Ficara (Glenn Ficarra) will also direct.

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