Celine Dion is in a ten-minute crisis, suffering from her illness

For 10 minutes of agonizingly intense symptoms of Stiff Person Syndrome, Celine Dion makes a shocking video.

The scenes are from a documentary.”Me: Celine Dion»tells the story of the famous singer’s battle with the rare Stiff Person Syndrome, or SPS, a rare neurological disorder with features of an autoimmune disease.

In the scene where the great singer faces excruciating pain caused by the syndrome, it is clear that he cannot control his body. He struggles to breathe as paramedics try to ease his painful muscle spasms, and a camera crew silently films the ordeal.

He is given a medicated nasal spray that is usually used to treat the effects of seizures in people with the Syndrome.

The official trailer of the documentary “Me: Celine Dion” released at the end of May. It is a biographical documentary about Celine Dion’s career in the music industry, as well as her trials and tribulations with her diagnosis of Difficult Man Syndrome.

“He has no muscle control”

As her 74-year-old sister Claudette revealed last December, the singer is working hard to improve her condition, but she no longer has muscle control.

The 55-year-old singer was forced to cancel her world tour a year ago. At the time, he revealed that after several years of suffering, he had been diagnosed with Stiff Man syndrome, a disorder that affects mobility.

The disease is incurable. As Celine Dion said, it causes involuntary spasms in her vocal cords, among other things. The bottom line is that he can’t sing.

“He works hard, but he can’t control his muscles. “What breaks my heart is that he’s always been disciplined,” Claudette said. “He had learned to work hard and make an effort. True, we both dream of the moment when he returns to the stage. But in what situation? I don’t know that.”

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