The meeting of the Minister of Culture with the Governor of Crete in Heraklion

From the headquarters of the Crete Region, the Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni began a three-day visit to Heraklion and the head of the multi-member echelon of the Ministry of Culture to Lasithi.

The minister was welcomed by regional governor Stavros Arnautakis, and then a meeting was held with the participation of his relatives. The topic of the meeting was the progress of the projects implemented by the ministry throughout Crete.

Lina Mendoni, who immediately answered the journalist’s question about the main project that will be the focus of her visit these days, said:

“Everything is important, everything is equally interesting, and everything, probably each has its own imprint, so we can’t separate it, and Dikteo Andros is very important, and the Minoan palaces, they are very important, so there are many things. Sabah district We will see the walls with the governor and the mayor, we have a lot to see.”

Later, the minister addressed the seminar School of Cultural Heritage 3 related to climate change and cultural heritage impacts and will be held at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, highlighting:

“Tomorrow morning, a seminar organized by the Ministry of Culture in close cooperation with the American Embassy in Athens, the Greek section of ICOM and the State Department on climate change and its impact on monuments will begin.

For this reason, we closely cooperate with the National Research Foundation and the National Kapodistrian University. The seminar combines international experience, because not only Greeks, but also from other countries, Turkey, Malta, Jordan participate.

The aim is to share know-how and experience to meet the impacts together climate change extreme weather events to create and bring cultural heritage. It takes place at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. Look, climate change is here. It already exists, we all experience it.

The main thing in the fight against it is prevention. The second equally important one is international cooperation, this is an international experience that we all have to adopt, and that is why the seminar we held this time in Heraklion is very important, we repeated a similar seminar in 2023. The same partners in Thessaloniki.”

In a question about Knossos and serial registration Minoan palaces The minister, who is included in UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage list, emphasized that “the Ministry has submitted a file for the serial registration of Minoan palaces. Obviously the largest or best known of the palaces is Knossos. Regardless of UNESCO, the surrounding area is not suitable for a monument with the glamor and great importance of Knossos.”

Finally, regarding Parthenon sculpturesWhen asked if there was any development after Turkey announced that there was no farm and what the Greek government would do, the minister said:

“These are not issues that develop day by day. The representative of Turkey at least confirmed what Hellasthe Ministry of Culture and personally I say since 2000. We know it isn’t fern, this is a given for us. So, here comes Turkey with knowledge, it makes sense to have knowledge to confirm that there is no such farm. The Greek government has a very systematic program, which is already in 2019 and moving methodically and very carefully on reunification. Parthenon sculptors the highest achievement in the last 50 years, or at least since 1982. Melina Mercury

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