The FBI investigates the lost treasures of the British Museum

Their lost treasures The British Museum wanted by the FBI. Specifically, as stated BBC, the US agency is investigating the sale of antiquities to US collectors. He has already contributed to the return of 268 items sent to Washington.

The English network carries the testimony of a buyer (anonymous) from New Orleans, who said he received an email from an FBI agent requesting information about two pieces he bought through a well-known online buying and selling and auctioning platform.

The British Museum announced last year that ancient gems, jewelry and other items from its collection had disappeared, been stolen or destroyed. Museum officials guess so missing about 1,500 objects in total. So far, 626 people have been returned, another 100 people have been identified and their rehabilitation is underway.

However, according to the BBC, the vast majority of lost antiquities go unrecorded, so the Museum is looking for ways to prove they came from its collections…

Curator’s work

Scotland Yard is already investigating the involvement of a senior bailiff in the theft of 1,800 valuables. Dr Peter Higgs A man who worked at the British Museum for 30 years is accused of stealing objects by falsifying the Museum’s online records and then selling them online. He reportedly approached at least 45 buyers.

Higgs, of course, denies the accusations, but the British Museum speculates he was stealing pocketing over £100,000 in ten years. In some cases, museum officials said, he told potential buyers the items were family heirlooms…

The court upheld the Museum’s claims and ordered Higgs to return the stolen items and disclose his online business.

So far, 356 of the stolen items have been returned, and investigations are ongoing.

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