Summer with Covid: many with symptoms are in bed

In line with what is happening in other countries, the dominant variant is JN.1

Covid has presented such an impactful and painful experience that many can no longer hear it.
Despite the request for removal, it is still in circulation and it’s spreading like wild fire this summer too (increase in infections was from 25% during the week of June 20-26) forces many people to deal with its symptoms.
L’higher incidence was returned to the district Lazio (10 cases per 100,000 inhabitants) and Lowest in Basilicata (0.2 cases per 100,000 population).
The latest options are different, but the most relevant is new JN.1, as in other countries.


The symptoms are not much different from what is known now.
Basically everything starts with a coldyear runny noseis repeated we sneeze and a great feeling tiredness.
Anxiety lingers musclesyes, yes goal and for testwith prolonged headaches.
They are often combined nausea, diarrhea e temperature.
A very surprising option children, XBB.1.16 often causes them conjunctivitis.

New vaccines are coming

Covid currently poses minimal risks to the majority of the population and hospitals are not recording alarming numbers of hospitalizations.
However, it can still cause serious consequences in fragile people.
Updated vaccines approved by the EMA (European Medicines Agency) against the dominant JN.1 variant are coming in the fall.

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