How often to step on the scale and what effects it has on our weight

There are different opinions about the effect of the number on the scale on our psychology. Some say it will have a positive effect on us, some say it will have a negative effect.

Some experts recommend not having a scale in our home at all, arguing that if we see a number we don’t like, it can have a negative effect on our psychology. Others argue that daily weighing can help us manage it better weight especially for dieters or dieters.

However, Nick Fuller, Head of the Research Program at the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre, advises everyone to use a scale. once a week.

According to him, weekly weighing helps to control weight. This helps us to be more aware of our current weight and any changes, making it a great weight management and weight loss technique.

according to A systematic review of 12 studies participants who weighed themselves weekly or daily over several months lost or gained 1-3 more BMI (body mass index) units than those who didn’t step on the scale as often.

Adults often gain weight gradually as they approach middle age. Although the average annual weight gain is only 0.5-1 kg, even small weight gain over time can lead to obesity. Weighing once a week and recording changes helps prevent unnecessary weight gain.

Besides, Our body weight fluctuates throughout the day and week. According to research, body weight changes by 0.35% during the week and increases after the weekend. Our body weight fluctuates daily for a variety of reasons, many of which are related to our body’s water content.

Also, stepping on the scale every day can make us “obsess” about our weight and have negative consequences. If we see that the figure is not what we want, we often impulsively start a diet, which will lead to short-term results, and in the long run, it can even have a negative effect on our health.

When is the best time to step on the scale?

It’s an ideal time to measure yourself early in the morning, after using the toilet, but before eating or drinking anything. This is because during sleep, your body can process and digest all the food and fluids you consumed the previous day.

In the morning, weigh yourself with as few clothes as possible and try to keep the scale in the same place.

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