“Stories Behind the Scenes”: A play for several performances in Zurich by Ermis Peristeris and Sofia Arnautakis

What do we do when we say “I’m crazy in love”? We approve of Shakespeare. What do we do when we say “people are hypocrites”? We approve of Shakespeare. To ourselves “to live or not to live?” What do we do when we ask the question? We approve of Shakespeare. What do we do when we say, “All is well, all is well”? We approve of Shakespeare.

The The show “Backstage Stories” connects Shakespeare to everyday lifetruth and fantasy, drama and comedy, and offers the audience an opportunity to see theater from a different perspective.

A troupe plans to stage a modern adaptation of a Shakespeare classic. In the foreground, things that should remain in the background suddenly happen. Actors’ anxieties and jealousies, actors’ disagreements, technical errors, shared secrets revealed and unexpected events will drive the show. How will the actors finally present Shakespeare’s text? The audience will discover this through a series of comical situations.

Terrasse Ensemble was created in August 2017 on a beautiful rooftop overlooking Zurich. Its members are people of Greek origin who live in Zurich and are interested in performing arts. Their goal is to learn and tell personal and collective stories, to learn about new cultural and artistic trends and practices, and to apply them creatively. The Terrasse Ensemble supports interdisciplinary, teamwork and inclusion and wants to actively contribute to the creation of Swiss performing arts. Terrasse Ensemble has performed the following plays to date: House Keys (2018), Traumland (2021), The Boy with the Chamadan (2021), I Want a Country (2021), Maybe Elektra? (2022), Hotel Eternité (2023). Other activities of the Terrasse Ensemble include the organization of artistic workshops as well as cooperation with artists and institutions to implement joint projects and promote the exchange of ideas between Swiss and Greek artists.

MEMENTAΛ Theater Group:

Memental Theater Group was founded in 2015 by Ermis Peristeris and Sofia Arnautakis and is based in Athens. The group searches for truth through theater, characterizing the stage as a space for the study of the human spirit and society. The group aims to provoke dialogic inquiry and open new avenues in the thinking of audiences and authors by illuminating issues ranging from the contradictions of the human psyche to political opposition.

He has presented original works based on the principles of Theater of Invention and Documentary Theatre: Ako mikre (Athens Festival, 2017) & Moments (Festival of Translations, 2019), texts adapted as a modern adaptation of the myth of Elektra by Hermes Peristeris are electric Terrasse Ensemble (STOK Theatre, 2022) and Bernarda Alba House (6th Panhellenic Theater Conference, 2017) and Theater performance in co-productions with contemporary works such as Sons and Daughters (International Theater University, 2016) and The Sunset Limited (Festival, 2016). In October 2023, the Memental Theater Group staged the original play The Deserters at the Alcmini Theatre. Actors Spyros Asimenios and Stelios Kouletakis are also members of the group.

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