Free genetic test for hereditary predisposition to breast cancer

Women in Oncology – W4O Hellas announces new gene control program for genetic susceptibility to breast cancer.

The program is made possible by donations from supporters (pharmaceuticals, artists, private individuals, etc.) who have consistently supported the Association over the years and made our essential assistance to oncology patients possible.

So far, during the network’s ten years of operation, Women in Oncology has provided free genetic testing to more than 500 women and men.

The new donation allows the community to continue this offering, providing a free and valuable tool for patients and doctors for hereditary breast cancer.

The screening will take place in A-LAB, BioPath Innovations and Genekor certified laboratories and will include a whole heredity gene panel in women and men throughout Greece diagnosed with breast cancer meeting the criteria.

W4O Hellas program

Despite the inclusion of gene testing in the Electronic Prescribing System, which meets the constant demand of the medical community, associations and patients, there are cases that fall outside the EOPYY criteria and there is a new gene testing program for these cases. is targeted.

Specifically, the program covers patients (male and female) who meet one of the following criteria, while categories otherwise covered by EOPYY will only apply to uninsured/underinsured patients.

Inclusion criteria

A comprehensive HBOC test is recommended for patients diagnosed with breast cancer:

  • <45 years regardless of family history
  • diagnosis of breast, ovarian, or pancreatic cancer in at least two 1st-3rd relatives regardless of age
  • degree by the same family
  • Diagnosis of male breast cancer in grades 1-3

Patients under the age of 50 who have been diagnosed with breast cancer with one of the following:

  • At least 1 1st-3rd degree relative with breast cancer before age 50
  • At least 1 1st-3rd degree relative with ovarian cancer

Comprehensive HBOC testing is recommended for patients diagnosed with two primary breast tumors at any age when one of the following is true:

  • One of two breast tumors diagnosed before age 50
  • diagnosis of the same person with ovarian cancer
  • A diagnosis of breast cancer in at least one 1st-3rd degree relative before the age of 50
  • diagnosis of ovarian cancer in at least one 1st-3rd degree relative

In addition, genetic testing is recommended in special cases:

  • triple negative breast cancer diagnosis
  • diagnosis of male breast cancer regardless of age

The process of joining the program

As in the past, application to the Program is made solely by the attending oncologist, who is responsible for providing the necessary documentation confirming the criteria for inclusion of those interested in the program.

The program is coordinated through the Hellenic Association of Oncological Pathologists (EOPE).

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