Stelios Kouloglou in Kefalonia for the screening of his new documentary “142 Years”

“…at a very good pace and without delay. There is emotion, anger, but also hope. This documentary is a must watch. Go see it. In Greece, France, Belgium…”
– Fabien Perrier

The documentary highlights the unknown side of the refugee, where thousands of refugees and migrants are sentenced to harsh prison terms as human traffickers. According to official data, there are more than 2,000 people in Greek prisons, making them the second largest group of prisoners.

The camera follows Jason Apostolopoulos, an internationally recognized and awarded humanitarian aid worker, who participated in international efforts to exonerate three refugees, namely Muhammad Hanad Abdi (Somalia), Akif Razuli and Amir Zahiri (Afghanistan).

All three were found to be traffickers because they were forced to take the helm of the ship by the actual traffickers while on board the ship from Turkey to Greece – well known to the Greek Coast Guard. According to Law No. 4251/2014, anyone caught behind the wheel of a ship is found guilty of being a trafficker, but often, it seems, interpreted incorrectly and after general trials that last a few minutes and lack sufficient authority of the accused. With this tactic of the Greek courts, Muhammad Hanad Abdi was sentenced to 142 years in prison. Akif Raculi and Amir Zahiri, each 50 years old.

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