Social Waste and Thrax Punk come to Patras for a unique live show

The concert that fans of the alternative music scene can’t wait for, Mojo Live brings to Patras on June 13 in the forecourt of “Thanos Mikroutsikos” Art Factory.

The reason, of course, for Social Waste and Thrax Punkc, who took to the stage set up in front of the Art Factory, a venue that has almost returned to musical life after a summer.

As we read in the related post, the two bands are playing together for the first time. “They come from different influences and meet in the musical Balkans!

Some are hip-hop, some are punk, but they grew up here, on the same streets and in the same culture, and they love traditional instruments and melodies, making explosive music!

Social Waste and Thrax Punkc, two bands founded in collaboration, are united not only by their music, but also by their values, direct communication with the public and friends, and their belief in their principles.

It’s probably a coincidence that they haven’t gotten together yet, but the time has come! Social Waste and Thrax Punk on stage together and we’re gearing up now!

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