Konstantinos Markoulakis and “Mr. Lee’s Lover” in Piraeus 260

Athens Festival presents a sensational solo performance by Konstantinos Markoulakis by leading Belgian director Guy Cashiers.

After the demonstrations in Thessaloniki sold out”Mr. Lin’s girlfriend”, based on the famous novel by Philippe Claudel, comes to Athens for the first time and is presented from June 21 at Piraeus Hall 260 H and for 6 performances only.

One of the world’s most important contemporary creators and former Artistic Director of the theater Theater house his Antwerp, Guy Cashiers he is guiding on his third visit to our country (the first was at the Athens festival in 2009, and the second was at the opening season of the House of Literature and Art of the Onassis Foundation in 2011). Konstantinos Markoulakis in a unique emotional universe with a deeply moving story as a tool about diversity, loss, refugee, the power of friendship and the light of optimism that man discovers in every difficult situation.

Striking between the technical excellence of the play and the simplicity of the personal story, he Konstantinos Markoulakis, who also signed the structure of the work, introduces a personal stage proposal that leaves behind the power of form, illuminates the vital content of the story, thus returning to the roots of theater, which is nothing but pure storytelling through any and every stage.

A few words about the project

Mr. Lin leaves his war-torn village and comes to Europe as a refugee, holding his young grandson and the only survivor of his family, Shang Dieu.

Since he knows nothing about the new country and does not understand the language of foreigners, he leaves his fate in the hands of the authorities who deal with him. Until I meet Mr. Bark.

Mr. Bark continues to speak her language and Mr. Lin quietly enjoys her company. Between the two men, a strong friendship is formed with confessions, with respect for open or silent pain, with compassion and care.

Novel Grandson of Mr. Linh of Philippe Claudel It was published in France in 2005. Through Mr. Lin’s story, the author talks about uprooting, trauma, reconciliation, companionship, love, but also about the vital human need for connection and communication.

THE Guy Cassiers combines his passion for literature with visual media and is driven to a scene that captures his very special directorial writing.

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