Photo exhibition “After Poetry” by K. Tsachrelia at Achaia Clauss

The photo exhibition “After Poetry” or …transformation continues in the beautiful space of Achaia Clauss in Patras. Kostantinos G. Tsachrelias invites us to “travel through the meta sea by boat photography and poetry by sail…” as the poster of the exhibition says. The photo belongs to him, and the poem belongs to Kristina Tsarouha.

The photographs, printed on large canvas, present the natural and urban environment as a poetic object with the photographer’s treatment of the original image. They have a visual vision that the common eye does not have, in the sense that a casual viewer and the artist are looking at the same object (eg a tree, a live stage in a restaurant, a space in a tunnel, etc.). photographer, each of them focuses on different elements, the first one may not see anything important and interesting, the second one will pay attention to the unimportant points for others with his photograph, emphasize the important elements, give special importance to the unimportant ones, so that for others, from small, minimal and insignificant, it is still until creating a visual poem.

For example, in the photo below “He and Her,” the viewer’s gaze tries to locate the double-imaged object. What are the two mentioned? I get the impression that it is not easy for anyone to understand what the title means at first glance! But if you observe better, you will understand that you see the bare, dry branches of an arbor, not at all ugly, but rather beautiful, from the photo, from the landscape, and at the same time, with the play of the branches. abundant sunlight, the phenomenon of its shadow. The title chosen by the photographer K. Tsachrelias for each photo of the exhibition is also important, which emphasizes or poetically complements its subject.

How do trees move? However, if you look at the photo that focuses on the huge roots of the huge trees that are sticking up well above the ground!

Roofs and chimneys in the cityscape, windows with a photographer’s frame create a painting!

What about poetry? What role does the poetic text play and how does it combine and coexist with the photographs? Was the photographer inspired by some of Kristina Tsarouha’s words, or did she later find out that somehow her photos were being poetically “photographed”?…

Let’s look at an example:

With happy, spring-like island colors (Santorini, Oia) “…rising!” captioned photo accompanied by words such as:

Through the odors of the breath

you smell a beautiful morning

covered with a veil of love

One where spring surrounds you.

You clothe the sky with knots of rain

and evenings with fireflies.

You fix your thoughts on the stairs of the air

to cool the grooves from the bitterness of the mind…

(Whispers of the soul, Christina Tsarouha)

Art is useful for us, … the sky of our life with colors, light, water, “to cool the scratches from the bitterness of the mind…”, endure to live. As without art and love, life does not stop with its many problems!

The picture “In Red…” is interpreted with a poem:

He was staring into space with a glass in his hand

and the record played the song of life,

sometimes sad, sometimes angry.

He was biting his nails behind the light.

Dreams of the future were there when they arrived

do not speak, always be silent.

So is the other.

Through the window he heard the crunching of the sidewalks

he wiped his chin with a drop of wine.

New snow fell on top of the old

new year of puzzles

and riddles in the air.

He takes the pen and hurts the paper,

he meets silence in the face of the night.

What should he think about?

(At the edge of the night, Christina Tsarouha)

In the other photo, the client of the restaurant is drinking “… half a meter of beer”, but literally! This moment was worth capturing!

The exhibition opened on June 15 and will remain open until July 31, Monday-Friday 12:00-15:00, Saturday 10:00-14:00 (Sunday closed), in the “Karamesini” hall, left of the main door, Achaia Clauss enters the beautiful areas of

KG Tsachrelias, who created a play on words on the name of Gustavus Clauss, the creator of Achaia Clauss, gives us a photo of the place with the inventive

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