PATRA: Opening of the municipal cinema

The drama, which is co-produced by Japan, France, the Philippines and Qatar, marks the launch of the Municipal Cinema section at the Patras International festival on Tuesday 18 June at 9.30pm.

The screening of the film “Plano 75” will be held in the courtyard of the new town hall (Maisonos 19). It is a melancholic drama about the value of life, human contact and social empathy in an alienated capitalist society.

The film, directed by Chi Hayayakawa, is about a Japanese government program that allows citizens over the age of 75 to choose euthanasia as a solution to the problem of an aging society where hate crimes with elderly victims are on the rise. with a provocative and at the same time cold look at society, it reveals the beauty and dignity of human life behind the window of charity.

With rare insight, authority and sensitivity, the director represents a (impossible) dystopia in which the Third Age is treated inhumanely and human life is understood as nothing more than a commodity.

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