Olympic Film Festival: film screenings in Ilya villages and cities

It’s that summer time again, when we meet every day at the place where we meet, in the squares of our places, this time we share the experience of watching a movie. Screenings are held at the initiative of the Olympic International Film Festival for Children and Youth and with the decisive contribution of active local bodies for the 11th year in a row in the cities and villages of Ilia.

With this program, the Olympia Festival and its partnering bodies contribute to the cultivation and preservation of film culture in Iliad, while providing an opportunity for social gathering in a public space based on the tradition of traveling filmmakers of recent decades. . The medium of these meetings, both favorite Greek films and special films for children and young audiences, is known to be a specialty of the Festival.

This year’s program includes three classic Greek films (“Ladies of the Court”, “Thanasis in the Land of the Cuffs” and “Vacation in Vietnam”) presented by Finos Film, a special film by Stavros Tsiolis (“Lost Treasure”). Khursit Pasha”), two contemporary documentaries (“When Wagner meets tomatoes”, Marianna Oikonomou and “Dolphin Man” Lefteris Haritos), as well as the Oscar nomination “Behind the Oscars” last year in Greece, Silver President.

A total of 44 screenings will be held within the framework of the “Kino Meydanlarda” program Three special screenings with the Ephoria of Antiquities are planned for August at the Olympia Museum, covering the entire area of ​​Ilia from Areti and Melissa to Figalia (Paulitsa) and Astra, as well as the newly established cinema club “SINEPHILEIA” in Pyrgos. With the Association of Political Scholars in Ilya and Amaliada.

The “Cinema in the Squares” program is organized in cooperation with the Western Greece Region and local institutions: “Salmoneon Paradosis” Cultural Association, Kaukonia Cultural Association, Phragma Lechaina Cultural Group, “Olene” Cultural Folklore Association, Granitsei Women’s Association “Friends of the School”, Spiantzas Residents’ Association, Katsaros “Irini” Cultural Association, Neo Platiana Cultural Association, Archaia Pisa Nature and Culture Association, Apostle “O Dionysos” Cultural Folklore Association, Cultural Beauty Association Eleonas, Youth Association and Sports of Nea Figalia, Hemodotikos “Drop of Life” Vineyards of Kouzouli Association, Strefi “Spiritual House” Cultural Association, Ag Cultural Association. Ilias Giannitsochoriou, Schina Women’s Culture – Environmental Association, Friends of Kaiaphas, Ilias

Environmental Action, Aretis Cultural Association, Dunaeikos “Agios Georgios” Cultural Association, Xylokera “I Proodos” Cosmetologists Union, Lastaikoni Cultural Association “New Lasta”, Savalia Women’s Development Association “I Anagennisi”, Aspraspitiots Cultural Association “I Proodos”, Dafniotissa Cultural Association, Athens Divriotes Association, Katarrahi Youth Association, “O Sekoulas” Cultural Association, Andronaion Cultural and Educational Association, Philoproodos Athens and Piraeus Astraion Association, “O Figalos” everywhere Figales Association, Tragano Cultural Association “Kostis Palamas”, Epitialion Cultural Association “Epi tis Alos”, Cultural Beautification Association of Artemis “O Koumouthekras”, Citizens’ Group of Pyrgos (alana), Mileas Women’s Group, Amaliada ErasiTECHNES Theater Group, Borsio Primary of Amaliada and 3rd Gymnasium schools and the local communities of Diasello, Melissa, Milea, Xirochorio, Pefki, Heimadio and Chrysochori.

The Olympia Festival and its partner institutions invite residents and visitors to meet in front of the big screen, see our places again with different eyes and share the joy of the cinema experience.

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