No breast augmentation for minors: Ministry reiterates sanctions

Breast augmentation surgery is now a very common practice. It is even estimated to be in Italy about 42 thousand women every year get a breast implant.
This is the most thought-provoking 2 is 3exactly 63%, they decide to have an operation purely for aesthetic reasons, only the remaining 37% are forced to do so due to breast reconstruction after removal due to tumors, trauma or malformations.
And this is connected with the fact that it causes more concern there are more young girls Those who undergo the practice, often with their parents’ consent, actually often give the intervention as a gift after it’s over. 18 yearsEmanuele Bartoletti, president of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine, emphasized the risk of problems with prostheses over time.

Banning breast implants for minors

In our country, since July 12, 2012, “Breast plastic surgery is prohibited for minors“.
The rules mean the violators heavy fines, that they were now the transaction is approved by circular The Ministry of Health published in response to requests for information received from professionals in the sector.
Except in the case of “serious birth defects confirmed by a doctor attached to the National Health Service or a state health institution”, medical workers who put a prosthesis on a patient under the age of 18 are punished. A fine of 20,000 euros and from He is removed from the profession for 3 months.

Breast implant registration

The same law establishes Law No. 86 of 2012 national registry and regional registries of breast prosthesis implants performed in Italy in the field of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.
In this regard, the circular recalls the obligation of the healthcare operator to enter in the register, within 3 days after surgery, i personal and clinical information e. of assisted persons implanted or removed prostheses.
The tool, which follows similar initiatives from Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK and the US, was introduced in December 2022 with additional safeguards linked to public administration by the Ministry of Health. Among the rules related to the register there is also a provision. a Fine from 500 to 5 thousand euros For those who do not comply with the communication obligation controlled by the regions.

Purposes of the registry

In addition to providing more analysis data to the scientific community for epidemiological monitoring for research and scientific research purposes, a national registry fed by regional registries presents itself as a tool designed to promote patient safety.
This is actually possible by collecting data on implanted and removed prostheses track each prosthesiseven if not implanted, it facilitates the recall of products after any problem report and facilitates the timely follow-up of patients when special periodic inspections or possible explantation are needed.

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