Moods: when the stomach explains them

New research demonstrates the connection between emotions and the physiological conditions of the stomach

You are stressed and maybe you have gastritis.
You are in love and feel butterflies in your stomach.
You are disgusted by something and start vomiting.
You never think about it, but the stomach is an excellent receptor of emotions.
They return with theirs special signalstestifying to the existence of a direct link, responsible in turn for a chain biochemical reactions.
“It is known that strong emotions can make our heart beat faster” – say the researchers of the study conducted together with the coordinator of the University of La Sapienza.
The Italian Institute of Technology and the Santa Lucia Foundation in Rome how mood states affect other organs or the effect of particular physiological conditions on human emotions, was not yet proven“.

The “magic pill” circulating in the human body

The results of the study are now available and will soon be published in the scientific journal eLife. what happens in our stomach when we are exposed to different emotions.
Kind of like a journey through the human bodyresearch explored “ the interactions between gastrointestinal activity and a range of emotions that arise while watching movies”.
The opportunity offered by new technologies and “the magic pill”, contains several sensorsThis 31 volunteersHe offered to swallow young men between the ages of 20 and 30.

Stomach PH is closely related to emotions

A pill with a millimeter diameter, but with great potential, succeeded Measure the pH every stomach of his guest and discover them temperature e pressure it tracks every change that happens in real time watching some videos can create different moods: fear, happiness, sadness, but also disgust or neutral state.
In this way, it was determined that Stomach PH is closely related to emotions, being lower when feeling disgust and fear and higher when feeling happiness. This means more acid when faced with a negative mood and less acid when feeling joy or happiness.

Blinking of eyelashes: an external signal related to concentration

“Using this type technologydeveloped for gastrointestinal medicine – the researchers explain in a note – adefinitely new in psychological research and shows promise for future research in this area. At the same time, there were participants is also controlled from outsideby measuring heartbeat, dell’electrical activity (and therefore annoying) from the stomach and observation blinking of eyelashes. Closed electrical signals externally determined stomach, not identified it has nothing to do with felt emotionapart from an increase in gastric motility when participants watched happy videos.
about went differently palpitations and fluttering of eyelashes.
Both of reduction in relation to both positive and negative scenarios compared to neutral ones with the exception of sad films such as Lighting up and going off does carefully coordinated and the concentration used to obtain the data.

New technologies, new ways

“This research, which determines a complex web of connections between stomach functions and emotions – researchers say – paves the way for further research and understanding of both affected patients pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract those with and affected by altered gastric physiology depressive disorders and autism spectrum Instead, it shows changes in the emotional realm. Even innovative technology using sensors embedded in pills can be applied to new research on the relationship between internal organs and different states of mind.

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